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Melting Precious Metals
  1. Small gas furnaces and torches for melting
  2. Static melting furnaces
  3. Cupellation (assay and analyses)
  4. Induction melting furnaces
  5 Continous Casting Machines
  6 Crucibles for gas furnaces
  7 Crucibles for induction furnaces
  8 Crucible holders and accessories
  9 Ingot molds
  10 Metal alloys and additives
  11 Safety items
Induction smelting furnaces for continuous casting of all alloys and colours of gold and silver. Fitted with a single or double inductor and one or more work heads for the production of wire, flat bars, tubes and other sections on request. All our smelting furnaces for continuous casting feature a newly designed microprocessor which can control, set up, memorise and print 99 smelting programmes.
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